Grayns™ The first and only Rice Cooker in the world that automatically removes the excess, unhealthy sugar content from the rice when it is cooked.


  • Stage One: Thermosense Heating

    Getting the Temperature Right: Precisely Heat Starchy Foods: Slowly gelatinizes rice at precise temperatures to release unhealthy, Rapidly Digested Starch into the water while still retaining nutrients.

  • Stage Two: Debond RDS from Rice

    Hold Gelatinization Temperature: Holds the optimal gelatinization temperature, compelling most of the unhealthy Rapidly Digested Starch out of the rice.

  • Stage Three: Transude Water

    Remove Unhealthy Starch Water: Unhealthy Rapidly Digested Starch is transuded through the rice to be drained away into the Grayns starch collection tray underneath.

  • Stage Four: Demoisturize Food

    De-Moisturize Starchy Foods: Grayns de-moisturizes the excess healthy water from the healthy cooked rice to make it fluffy and delicious–in other words, precisely, perfectly cooked rice.


Grayns doesn’t just cook healthy rice, but also other starchy foods high in RDS like potatoes, pasta, noodles, etc.

Effortlessly Healthy Meals

Lab test results show a 35% reduction of the glycemic loads in starchy foods to levels suitable for a diabetic diet and prevention of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease simply cooking with Grayns.


Microprocessor and ‘Sensomatic’ heat sensing technology perfectly cooks sugar-reduced foods that tastes better.

Sensomatic™ Cooking with Grayns: Automatically “senses” the optimum cooking settings for different varieties of rice and automatically cooks to their unique optimal requirements.

Better Food Texture with Grayns:Creates fluffier rice with 50-70% more rice volume by completely gelatinizing and expanding each grain with 3 cups to feed 5-6 people.

Custom Cooking with Grayns: Preset different types of grains of rice and personalize your cooking to how soft or moist you prefer, and then save your favorites to memory.