The Team Behind GRAYNS


  • Improving people’s lives – that’s what we’re about.
  • And in order to improve, we need to invent and innovate.
  • Which is why we’re involved at every single stage of bringing revolutionary ideas and innovations to the people – from identifying, to developing to marketing – so that ideas really do improve lives.
The Company Behind the Rice Revolution:

Ascenteus Research



This is the research and development arm of the group. The Grayns innovation is the result of many years of R&D under Ascenteus Research.

Ascenteus Sdn. Bhd. is a world-class technology incubator as well as research and development company that takes innovative ideas and turns them into large commercial successes using a combination of commercial and technical acumen.

Here at Ascenteus, we’re in the business of improving people’s lives by generating intellectual property for ourselves and our customers. We do this by conceptualizing and designing products as well as developing and incubating ideas and technology that have the potential to make significant impact on people’s well-being. Anything that goes through us, goes through a rigorous and disciplined evaluation process to ensure that it meets our standards.

And because we’re big believers in ideas and innovations improving lives, we’re always keeping in mind the Ascenteus vision:

The Ascenteus Vision:

  • 1. To be the world-leading organization in innovation and technology incubation by focusing on rapid commercialization of solutions and products.
  • 2. To develop world-class intellectual property for the company as well as its customers by forming and maintaining a world-class talent pool.

One takeaway from getting to know us:

We’re proud of the team’s skill set and experience but most of all we’re especially proud that we’ve always kept one thing in mind: that our ideas and innovations really do make a difference.

Let's keep the revolution going.