The Grayns Story

The original healthy rice cooker

Rice is one of the most important staple foods in the world so it’s unsurprising how cooking rice is one of the most common activities in the kitchen.

The conventional rice cooker revolutionized how we cooked our rice – turning what was once tedious and time-consuming into something simple and fast.

But sometimes, what the conventional makes convenient, the conventional also makes less healthy. The way we cook our rice now may be simple and fast, but it’s also adversely affecting our health without our realising it.

It’s time for another Rice Revolution.

The Revolution in Rice Cooking

At Grayns, we don’t accept that convenience means giving up on the other important things such as taste,
quality and impact on health.

In a conventional rice cooker, water is either adsorbed by the rice or evaporated. None of the water you add to rice in a conventional rice cooker is drained away. So all the unhealthy starch from the rice that dissolves in the water gets back into the rice anyway. Not so with the Grayns rice cooker.

Using the revolutionary, patented REVOCOOK technology, the Grayns rice cooker is the first intelligent rice cooker the world has seen: ensuring better-tasting, longer-lasting, healthier rice.

And it does this using a profound 4-stage Cooking process also known as RevoCook:

The RevoCook



Getting the temperature just right.

With the Grayns rice cooker, it doesn’t matter what type of rice you’re cooking because its sensomatic technology allows for the rice to cook at just the right temperature: The gelatinization temperature. This is the point where all the unhealthy or rapidly digestible starch (RDS) gets dissolved into water while all the essential nutrients remain within the rice.


Getting all that unhealthy starch out.

Just getting the temperature right isn’t enough. You’ve got to maintain this temperature to allow for all that RDS to debond from the rice and dissolve into the water.


Getting that unhealthy starch-rich water out.

Unlike the conventional rice cooker, the REVOCOOK technology doesn’t allow for the water with all that unhealthy RDS back into the rice. Via the ingenious REVO Intelligent Drainage System (RIDS), this water is drained from your rice, leaving you with healthier, natural tasting (and tasty!) rice that has a proven lower GI.
(Glycemic Index)


Getting the rice to just the right texture.

The last stage of the REVOCOOK technology ensures that your healthier, better-tasting rice is also superior in texture. By removing the excess moisture or demoisturizing your rice, these little grains become soft and fluffy – in other words, perfectly cooked rice.

The Grayns Story – the End?

Far from it. Complementing its REVOCOOK technology is a user-friendly Grayns User Interface.
This is an intuitive and intelligent digital trackball that allows for a convenient and safe cooking experience so that it doesn’t matter what type of rice you’re cooking, you’re ensured the optimal temperature and water amount.
So no worries about complicated calculations on how much water to add or at which temperature to set the cooker at.
In fact, why limit yourself to just plain rice? Use the Grayns rice cooker to make delicious low calorie nasi lemak too!


Grayns User Interface

User Friendly GUI with world’s first Intelligent and intuitive digital trackball interface for the most convenient cooking experience. Perfectly cooked rice utilizing only optimal water content and draining the excess. Grayns™ proprietary Sensomatic™ technology automatically “senses” the optimum cooking settings for different varieties of rice. Easy, Safe and Effective method of draining the harmful starchy water. Enhanced functionality of also cooking conventional Starch Rice and other type of foods such as pastas, congee, soups etc. Rice cooked in GRAYNS™ falls within the healthy Glycaemic Index (GI) range making it suitable for a diabetic diet.

See how Grayns works by requesting an actual demo in the comfort of your home.

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