Q1. What is the Grayns Rice Cooker all about?

Rice is a carbohydrate rich in RDS (RAPIDLY DIGESTED STARCH) and has a high glycemic load when consumed. The Grayns Rice Cooker cooks rice in a scientific way, the way nature meant it to be cooked in order to remove the RDS (RAPIDLY DIGESTED STARCH) from rice and lower its glycemic load. High glycemic load on are bodies is the direct result of eating carbohydrates that are RDS (RAPIDLY DIGESTED STARCH) loaded which ultimately leads to Sugar Disease. Sugar Disease is a “catch all” term for Hypoglycemia, Heart & Obesity Diseases and Diabetes. Therefore it is highly recommended by nutritionists to eat low glycemic carbohydrates for better health.

Q2. How does it remove the RDS (RAPIDLY DIGESTED STARCH) or sugar out of rice?

When rice is heated in water a natural chemical process begins to take place. At a certain temperature which is the gelatinization temperature of rice, the RDS (RAPIDLY DIGESTED STARCH) molecules start to move out of the rice grain and dissolve into the water. If this temperature is held long enough, it would allow most of the RDS (RAPIDLY DIGESTED STARCH) molecules to leave the rice grain and move into the water. Therefore, getting rid of the RDS (RAPIDLY DIGESTED STARCH) rich water would deliver rice that is high in Amylose and less in Amylopectin. It is a wrong practice to boil the rice as then the SDS (SLOWLY DIGESTIBLE STARCH) in rice also begins to dissolve in water. The Grayns Rice Cooker does all this automatically and effectively without boiling the rice, coupled with ultimate convenience

Q3. If I boil the rice with lots of water and throw away the starch (kanji) will it not be effectively the same thing? ie taking RDS (RAPIDLY DIGESTED STARCH) out of rice.

While it is possible to achieve some reduction in RDS (RAPIDLY DIGESTED STARCH) using this method it is not entirely efficient. When rice is boiled the amylose molecules will also leave the rice grain and dissolve in water. This is not how it should be. The key is to dissolve as much of the amylopectin molecules as possible so that we end up with a higher amylose to amylopectin ratio. The reasoning behind this theory may be referred to at the FOA (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) repository. Source

Q4. Do you have any evidence on the effectiveness of cooking rice in Grayns?

There is plenty and conclusive evidence on the effectiveness of the Grayns Rice Cooker. Rice cooked in Grayns has a 30 to 35 % reduction in its Glycemic Index readings. Lab test reports confirm this. Actual blood tests have also been conducted on volunteers to confirm the evidence. You may request for this information by formally writing in. Testimonies from several Grayns users has been documented in order to show the effectiveness of the Grayns Rice Cooker. Grayns Malaysia offers a free Grayns Rice Cooker to any user that does not see a reduction in their blood glucose readings* when rice cooked in Grayns Rice Cooker is consumed as compared to rice cooked in a conventional rice cooker. *(This is provided the same variety and quantity of rice is eaten)

Q5. Can stopping to eat rice altogether be a good alternative to reduce my blood glucose readings?

Rice is a carbohydrate and a staple diet. It is the main source of energy to our bodies. Carbohydrates are a fuel for our body’s organs. Our body cannot function properly if we don’t eat enough carbohydrates. However, it is important to eat carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index so that when we eat them, the energy release is slow and our stomachs empty slowly. This helps in providing the right kind of energy to our bodies without stressing our system. Rice cooked in Grayns Rice Cooker lowers the glycemic index of the rice so that it may be enjoyed as a carbohydrate that provides our bodies’ slow and sustained release of energy. This was the practice of our Forefathers as well!

Q6. What else can I cook using Grayns?

You may use the Grayns Rice Cooker to not only cook plain white rice but also any of your favorite rice recipes. For example you may cook low calorie nasi lemak which is flavourful yet low in sugar, fat and cholesterol. Low GI pasta, noodles potatoes or any other carbohydrate grains may be cooked to make them healthier. Cook healthy porridge by taking the sugar out of rice first and then continue boiling the rice until it turns to porridge.

Q7. Can I cook Brown rice?

Brown rice can be perfectly cooked using the Grayns Rice Cooker. Likewise, wild rice, herbal rice etc may also be cooked to perfection.

Q8. Is there a demo available?

Please call our hotline 1300 88 7474 to arrange for a demo at a location convenient for you. The demo is free of any obligation on your part.

Q9. Where and how can I buy a Grayns Rice Cooker?

You can purchase your Grayns Rice Cooker in any one of the following ways:

  • Refer to the outlet/distributor list and drop by to purchase the product.
  • Call an Independent distributor nearest to your location and ask them to deliver by providing your location.
  • You may order online through LAZADA  or 11st
  • Call our hotline number 1300 88 7474 and provide your location and we will refer you to an agent nearest to you.
  • If an outlet or distributor is not available anywhere near your location, we can ship the product to you. Shipping anywhere inside Malaysia is free of charge. For international shipments it will be charged at actuals.

Q10. Where is this product manufactured?

The product is manufactured in Penang, Malaysia at a state of the art electronic and product manufacturing facility.

Q11. What is the price of the rice cooker?

The official price for the TORC 1.9 model in Malaysia is RM 2,288.00,  price in Singapore is S$ 788.00, price in Indonesia is Rp 7,500,000.00

Q12. Why is it so expensive?

The normal reaction of most people is to compare the Grayns Rice Cooker with a conventional rice cooker and come to a conclusion that it should cost around the same. However, it must be made known that the Grayns Rice Cooker is a paradigm shift from conventional rice cookers. It is in fact a robot with multiple patented technologies to achieve various objectives. In addition, all the cooking inners are made from top quality stainless steel to ensure ultimate hygiene and safety for its users.

Q13. Why is it so small?

The Grayns TORC 1.9 can cook 3 cups of raw rice. If 3 cups of raw rice is cooked in a conventional rice cooker it would be just enough for 3 to 4 people. However, rice cooker in Grayns undergoes full elongation and expansion of the rice grain thereby increasing total volume by 60 to 70 %. Secondly, the rice grains do not stick to each other. Hence, 5 to 6 people are able to have a comfortable meal.

Q14. What is the warranty period?

The warranty period against manufacturing defect is one year from date of purchase.

Q15. What happens if anything goes wrong?

The unit may be sent back to us via any of the following ways.

  1. Use our regular courier service to do a reverse pickup of the faulty unit. Once repaired we will ship it back to you.
  2. Drop by our sales centre and drop it off. You can come back and collect it once it is ready or opt for it to be shipped back to your place. You may also request for a replacement unit to use while your Grayns Rice Cooker is being repaired. This way, you don’t have to lose out on eating healthy Grayns rice while your unit is at repair.
  3. Drop it off at any of our nationwide outlets/distributors and collect from them when ready.