Our Mission

Our mission is to lead in the invention of innovative products that will improve the lives and wellness of mankind. We aim to identify, develop, create and market innovative products that will improve the health, well-being and livelihood of all people.

Our Team

The Grayns team is led by research and development director Zeeshan Khan, firmly believes in research as a solution to the world’s problems. Innovation and creativity have long been regarded the lifeblood of company success.

At Grayns, it’s all about communication, open-mindedness and collaboration, where people are encouraged to express their ideas. The Company is committed to bringing the best experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software and after sales services.

The Grayns team leverages its unique ability to design and develop its own products to its customers, with solutions that is more ease-of-use, seamless integration and most importantly, improves their customers healthy lifestyle.

Our Group

The Grayns innovation is the result of many years of R&D under Ascenteus Research. Ascenteus is a world-class technology incubator as well as research and development company that takes innovative ideas and turns them into large commercial successes using a combination of commercial and technical acumen.

Here at Ascenteus, we’re in the business of improving people’s lives by generating intellectual property for business of improving people’s lives by generating intellectual property for ourselves and our customers.

We do this by conceptualizing and designing products as well as developing and incubating ideas and technology that have the potential to make significant impact on people’s well-being. Anything that goes through us, goes through a rigorous and disciplined evaluation process to ensure that it meets our standards.